Creating the Perfect Production Audio Track

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  • Try to create a track that is at least two minutes in length. Three to four minutes also is great as sometimes there are long-form uses that require longer songs (and it’s easier to cut a song down rather than extend it). In that same vein, creating a version that is loopable is very useful.
  • Where possible, please provide an instrumental edit of any lyric-based song, as well as 30- and 60-second versions. If your song has explicit or offensive lyrics, please also provide a clean version of that same song. Instrumental songs are placed far and above over lyric-based songs, but often times the client will be captured by the lyrics and then use the instrumental. Also if you are able to provide stems for your songs this is very helpful (for example, drums only mix, just strings, etc).
  • We need songs with all types of moods: dark, dramatic, sad, happy, playful, etc — but we tend to place happy/upbeat songs about 2/3 of the time.
  • The “perfect” song builds over time and crescendos at the end, finishing with a button/hard ending.
  • While we use songs from a huge variety of genres, we place the most Pop, Rock, Cinematic/Soundtrack, Hip Hop & Electronic. Also, styles that are very current and trending (for example, Dubstep, Indie-folk) license very well.
  • Pay particular attention to the production quality of the track. You may have an excellent song on your hands but if it’s not produced at broadcast-level we cannot license it.


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