Will I receive performance royalties (i.e. ASCAP, BMI, SESAC, etc)?

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Use of your Rights-managed licensed material in broadcast, cable or certain Internet transmissions, or other public exhibitions or performances, may entitle you to certain performance royalty payments from your respective performing rights organization (PRO), such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC, if you are a member. We administer the publishing share of the performance royalties that arise from licenses we’ve issued, of which we will pay you 50%. You will receive 100% of the writer’s share directly from your PRO.

How does Getty Images Music monitor performance royalties?

Performance royalty-free licenses (i.e., all RF licenses) are granted as direct licenses that include the upfront payment of performance, mechanical, synchronization, master use, equitable remuneration, and/or other related fees, so that you will not receive any additional performance royalties relating to that license after the initial fee is paid.



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