What rights do I give Getty Images when I sign the agreement?

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You give us the right to license your songs on a non-exclusive basis (except as otherwise provided in a separate agreement between you and Getty Images) to any of our production or media customers worldwide, at a license fee determined by Getty Images. You agree to keep your music in the catalog for a minimum period of one year, and to respect licenses of your music granted to customers during that period. You retain all ownership of copyrights and other interests in the music compositions and sound recordings. We have the right only to broker your music to interested parties for various uses, including production, information or entertainment services use (but not retail records), and to administer the uses we generate on your behalf with the corresponding performance rights organizations (PROs).

Please refer to section 1.1 License Grant to Getty Images of the Getty Images Music Contributor Agreement for the language that pertains to this question.


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