What criteria must my music fulfill to be accepted?

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a) First and foremost, you must confirm, via the Getty Images Music Contributor Agreement, that all of the songs you submit are original to you and/or controlled by you. If there are co-owners or others with rights to the songs or sound recording, you will need to secure their written permission as well. If you wish to submit music that contains any samples you must be absolutely certain that they are royalty-free and cleared for use. You must also verify that no musician or other performer on a track is a member of a union.

b) All music must be submitted (after your audition MP3’s) as broadcast quality, 16bit, 44.1khz WAV files. We do not accept any audio that has been compressed (i.e. converted to mp3’s) in any way, for submission.

c) We accept both vocal and instrumental music from all genres, on a rolling basis. Your music will go through a preliminary screening process to check for sound quality. Because we need to screen hundreds of songs each week, this process may take 2-4 months after we have received it. Our Catalog department will then listen to each song in your submission and select which, if any, will be accepted into our collection. You will be notified via email when your music is accepted.


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