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We are in the process of inviting contributors to sign our updated Getty Images Music Contributor Agreement. The new agreement is more in line with our standard Getty Images contributor agreements for other types of content. Aligning agreement terms improves consistency across all contributor segments, but more importantly, this change is a significant step toward meeting new and emerging opportunities in the music licensing industry.

Please find below detailed information, including a summary of changes, a copy of the agreement and past communications. Please be sure to search the FAQs for any additional questions you may have.

Contributor Agreement

Summary of Changes

Getty Images Music Contributor Agreement

Past Communications related to the new Contributor Agreement

(24-Mar-14) Pump Audio to Getty Images Music

Ready to submit?

Once you complete the agreement, you’ll be able to complete a previously started submission or create a new one.  Click here for our Submission Guidelines to the Music Portal.

Unsure of what to submit? Click here for our current content needs.




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