Can you explain the different licensing models?

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Your tracks will be assigned to one of 2 basic licensing models: Rights-managed or Royalty-free. Both represent equally important, but different market segments:

Rights-managed (RM) Tracks:

Are usually licensed on a use-by-use basis.

Are generally priced according to the nature of the license and intended use.

Almost always need to be re-licensed for any new use or extension of territory, distribution or duration.

Use of your Rights-managed material in broadcast, cable or certain Internet transmissions, and other public exhibitions and performances may entitle you to performance royalty payments from your respective performing rights organization (such as ASCAP, BMI or SESAC), if you are a member.

Royalty-free (RF) Tracks:

Maximum usage flexibility

Can be used by the customer multiple times in various situations without additional licensing fees.

Are able to be used by the customer for an unlimited time frame.

Number of sales per track (volume) is generally higher than that of the Rights-managed collections.

Works well for the growing market of customers who want music licensing to be simplified, and for license offerings such as subscription models, pay per download, pay per listen, pay per subscriber and advertising revenue sharing models.

How does “performance royalty-free” fit into all of this?

“Performance royalty-free” licenses are granted as direct licenses that include upfront payment of performance, mechanical, synchronization, master use, equitable remuneration, and/or other related fees, so you do not receive any additional performance royalties relating to that license after the initial fee is paid.  All licenses of RF content are granted as “performance royalty-free.”

Further details and copies of the license agreement that we issue to customers (“end user license agreement”), can be found via the “License Information” link at the bottom of every page on our website,

If you choose to not include your submitted tracks in the RF collection, at the time of submission you’ll have the ability to flag a track as “not available for performance royalty free.”

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